D·LIM architects is an architectural group led by its two founders, Yeonghwan Lim and Sunhyun Kim. Lim, a professor at Hongik University and a registered architect in Pennsylvania, is responsible creative design. Lim received his master's degree from University of Pennsylvania. Kim holds a master’s degree in project management from Harvard University and is responsible for the execution of projects. D·LIM architects have received twelve architectural awards such as the Seoul Architectural Awards, the Korean Architectural Awards, the “Best 7” Award from KIA, and the Young Architect Award. Their major projects include the Ahn Jung-geun Memorial, CJ Ninebridge The Forum, Stardom Entertainment Office, She'smedi Hospital, and Naver Nursery School.


Sustainable Amateurism

Lim and Kim, who are life and business partners, always start a new project by asking paradoxical questions to each other. Their conceptualization process allows them to scrutinize micro issues of the project and to discover a unique way to go. For instance, Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall was begun by first questioning what the building should actually commemorate. Even though Patriot Ahn was an obvious figure for commemoration, through this fundamental question, the 12 people who stood behind Ahn were also memorialized. This thought became a core concept to mediate human figures to a physical building through a symbolic formation method. In a project called “C-Arc,” D·LIM proposed a 100-story vertical theme park by asking a question about how an amusement park and a high-rise building could coexist. The Plastics & People Office was completed by an initial question about how to take advantage of complicated code limitations in the normal residential district of Seoul.

D·LIM always compares opposing standpoints together: sustainable vs. un-sustainable, technical vs. nontechnical, refined vs. crude, local vs. universal, and so on. These conflicting angles bring generative and creative answers. Lim and Kim aim to be “sustainable amateurs” who are free from the negative mold of professionalism, such as arrogance, repetition, and constant reliance on safe design choices. Lim and Kim are always ready to offer up innovative solutions in the face of new challenges.