H&M 가로수길


서울 강남구
지하1층, 지상5층






H&M Seoul Garosu-gil
White Box



The building is located in Garosu-gil, a famous hot spot of the southern side of Seoul. The Garosu-gil is a commercial street with a number of SPA brand shops. The street is full of colorful buildings resplendent with flashy neon signs. H&M Garosu-gil is characterized by the aesthetics of simplicity through the shape and style of the building. Except the first floor, the entire building was clad with almost colorless skins. During the day, the building appears impassively, attracting public gaze among a sea of buildings with more flamboyant styles as a black and white figure in a color picture. At night, it lights up with one color and with no motion. It seems like the stills in the video. The monochromatic simplicity is a paradoxical way to survive in the complex competing commercial landscape.