H&M 홍대


서울 마포구
제1,2종 근린생활시설
지하2층, 지상5층






H&M Seoul Hongdae
Wiring Silhouette



D·LIM architects designed the exterior facade and interior remodeling for the H&M special store in Seoul. The building is located in the Hongdae area, a nightlife hot spot on the northern side of Seoul. The design is based on H&M's global standard; however, D·LIM architects incorporated their own concepts into the facade with wire loped curtain walls. The 3mm wire ropes are vertically hung over 200 mm off the curtain wall of the entire building facade.

D·LIM specially chose the wire ropes for the H&M Hongdae in order to express the brand image of H&M. The 3mm wire roped curtain wall on the facade also makes a positive cityscape on a typical commercial street. The new facade layer produces different appearances of the building depending on the viewpoint. When you see the buildings across the road, the wire ropes almost disappear from your sight and the poster displays are shown clearly. When you see it on a roadside, you can see a crisp wall which is made by a number of the overlapped wire ropes. The closer you are to the building, the clearer the wire ropes are seen. The wire-roped curtain wall also shows different silhouettes according to the solar position. Depending on viewpoint, distance, and time, the visual and tactile senses of the wall change.