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2014 한국건축문화대상 우수상

제주도 서귀포시
콘도 부대 시설, 체육시설
지하2층, 지상1층






“19th Hole” as CJ hole


The project is a multi-functional facility for CJ, one of the biggest conglomerates in Korea. It is located at CJ's golf club in the Cheju Island. Cheju is famous for its natural landscape, and the site is surrounded by natural forests. D·LIM architects proposed that the building should stand as low as possible not to interrupt the scenic view around it. Instead, more than half of the volume of the building is underground, and there is a big hole on the roof. It looks like the 19 th hole next to an 18 hole golf course from the aerial view. The hole also symbolizes a circle of the CJ's official symbol, which stands for joy. The roof garden is accessible by a walk from the ground floor. More than 300 people can sit on the stone chairs and grass on the roof when an outdoor music concert is held. Underground are meeting rooms and a multi-functional hall which can accommodate 500 people at once. A multi-functional room can be switched to an interior sport facility, which accommodates tennis and basketball matches.