D.LIM architects

D.LIM architects is an architectural group led by its two founders, Yeonghwan Lim and Sunhyun Kim. Lim, a professor at Hongik University and a registered architect in Pennsylvania, is responsible for creative design. Lim received his master's degree from University of Pennsylvania. Kim holds a master’s degree in Project Management from Harvard University and is responsible for project execution.

D.LIM architects have received thirteen architectural awards, examples including the Seoul Architectural Awards, the Korean Architectural Awards, the “Best 7” Awards from KIA, and the Young Architect Awards. Their major projects include the Ahn Jung-geun Memorial, CJ Nine Bridges The Forum, Stardom Entertainment Office, She'smedi Hospital, and Naver Nursery School.

  • Seoul Architectural Awards_Segok-dong 119 safety center
  • Korean Architecture Awards_Three Yard House
  • Korean Architecture Awards_Social Economy hub center
  • Seoul Architectural Awards_Saessack Nursery School
  • Kim Swoo Geun Preview Prize_Saeronam Middle School
  • Seoul Architectural Awards
  • Korean Public Architecture Awards
  • Seoul Architectural Awards
  • Korean Architecture Awards
  • Kyunggi-do Architectural Awards
  • Korean Architecture Awards
  • Seoul Architectural Awards
  • Korean Architecture Awards
  • Korean Institute of Architects Awards (Best 7)
  • Seoul Architectural Awards
  • Young Architects Awards
  • Foundation of D.LIM architects
​Yeonghwan Lim​Ph.D.  /  AIA  /  LEED AP
  • Partner of D.LIM architects
  • Professor of Architecture at Hongik University
  • Pubic architect of Seoul

Yeonghwan Lim received his bachelor’s degree from Hong-Ik University, a master's degree from University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D degree in architecture from Seoul National University. He is currently professor of architecture at Hong-ik University while also serving as a partner of D‧LIM Architects.

​Sunhyun Kim​​KIRA
  • CEO of D.LIM architects
  • Member of Seoul Architectural Committee
  • Public architect of Sejong

Sunhyun Kim received her bachelor’s degree in architecture from Hong-Ik University and a master’s degree in Project Management from Harvard University. She worked as a senior project manager in global firms Jones Lang La Salle and Skylan, Inc. She has been a co partner at D‧LIM Architects since 2007 along with Yeonghwan Lim.

  • Jung-ho Choi
  • Yeong-jun Ko
  • Ji-soo Yoon
  • Hui-kyung Jeong
  • Sung-min Seo
  • Soo-Hyun Park
  • Jae-woo Park
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